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"Ryan Rebel is one of the best directors I have ever worked with. He may be the best. Through the entire process of working on WILD, Ryan was never not paying attention, something I don’t think I have ever encountered before as a performer and something I don’t say lightly. . . each risk and victory and failure was met with gratitude and support and trust in the performer and in the work being made by everyone together."

-Erica Rice, perfomer/creator

- - -

"I hope that you continue to guide and nurture future casts and projects with the heart and intelligence that you gifted all of us with."

-Nate Biagiotti, performer/comedian/librarian

- - -



-Blop, Nate's Clown

- - -

"Since the beginning, I have been impressed with your intelligence, patience, and grace in leading this ragtag bunch of clowns through the devising process and to the execution of a wildly exuberant and engaging show. Your talent as a director is immense."

-Alexis Howland, performer/comedian

- - -

"Your genuine interest in collaboration is rare, and an absolute gift. For your kindness, playfulness, honesty, integrity and support -- thank you."

-Taylor Cawley, performer

- - -

"Well that set theatre back about twenty years."

-A Satisfied Audience Member

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